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19th Sep

XR Virtual Shooting Solutions

   In recent years, XR virtual shooting and production has become a cutting-edge technology in the industry, which has played a transformative role in the development of the film and television broadcasting industry, and has also brought...

20th Jul

How to choose a small pitch LED display?

following aspects can be considered when purchasing a small-pitch LED display:

1. "Low light and high gray" is the premise
An important criterion for high-quality small-pitch LED screens is to achieve the...

15th Jul

In 2022, the LED display has already touched the field of the consumer market

 continuous penetration of LED display in the indoor large-screen market, the continuous maturity of display technology, the reduction of costs, the upgrade of protection, and the upgrade of display effects, etc. The distance between...

06th Jul

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Displays

Special requirements for outdoor LED display
(1)Screen and the Screen and the construction of the junction must be strictly waterproof leak proof; Screen to have good drainage measures in the event of a smooth water...

27th Jun

How to select the LED display according to the pixel pitch


23th Jun

Reasons Why You Should Use Outdoor LED Display

Using a outdoor led display for your business isn't just a trend, but an essential business medium. outdoor led displays have been proven to increase sales and community awareness.

17th May

The difference between LED dot matrix screen and LED display

Listen to others mentioned the part of LED dot matrix display called module,the part of LED display called modules, which let some newly recruited LED display wholesale industry people confused. LED dot matrix...

17th May

LED full color display surface mount and DIP outdoor performance comparison

The past two years, full-color surface mount (SMD) Outdoor LED display has been more widely used, rapid increase market size, these products are still many problems in practical applications. Here we would SMD outdoor four-line display and outdoor...

17th May

How to solve the problem that the asynchronous card for led display has poor display effect and smal

There are plenty asynchronous control cards with various quality and prices in market, how to solve the problem that the asynchronous card for led display has poor display effect and...

17th May

How to calculate viewing distance from LED video wall?

The correct viewing distance is critical to the enjoyment of LED display, there are some brief methods for computing it that provided by manufacturers as following:
1. Minimum viewing distance(smooth image provided)
Pixel Pitch(mm)...

17th May

Comprehensive LED display troubleshooting methods

LED display dots are most prone to problems, means LED is not working black spots, there are other whole screen is not bright, not bright part of the screen, the entire screen video, part of the video screen, flash, etc.

27th May

The relationship between led enterprises strategy and development.

From the development point of view, strategy is the core competitiveness of the enterprises. It’s hard for an enterprise with strategy at the beginning but his future is brilliant...

17th May

Comparison between various indoor display products

It seems that outdoor LED display is the only irreplaceable option for outdoor big screen display area without any. However, on the opposite side, there are plenty display technologies for indoor big screen products.


13th May

Outdoor SMD led display has huge market in future

Compared with outdoor DIP led display, the outdoor SMD led display has more advantages, such as better display effect, lower production cost, higher stability and reliability and...

10th May

factors for evaluating led displays

Though we open our led display products specifications on our website, still there are plenty clients don't know how to evaluate a led display. Today I'd like to guide clients the following important factors for evaluating led displays:

06th May

Street light pole led advertising display has good market

Because of the popularization of outdoor led display advertising medium, the hot display installation site is getting valuable. Because of the light pollution from led display, the approval procedures for outdoor led display installation is...

28th Apr

The major 10 applications for led display in future

Currently led display are developed in the outdoor advertising, stage rental and other traditional applications and the products are getting homogeneity without strong developing potential. In order to open a new blue ocean market and broaden the...

28th Apr

LED boards is a hit in Russian cinemas

A cinema chain in Russia has taken advantage of LED boards in order to advertise the menu of products which are available from its concessions stand. 

19th Apr

The advantages and developing trend of outdoor led advertising medias

Along with the development of advertising industry, we have higher and higher requirements on the advertising medias, the traditional road billboard, light box, single pillar and neon light which have single outdoor advertising form are no...

15th Apr

Safety precautions for led display cleaning job

Since the cleaning job is very necessary and important to make the led display keep good...

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