HS PH1.25 Indoor Fixed Front Maintain Led display 640×480mm 0 (from 0 reviews) 565.00 USD In Stock
PH1.25 Indoor Fixed Front Maintain Led display  640×480mm

PH1.25 Indoor Fixed Front Maintain Led display 640×480mm #HSIN125

Price:US$ 565.00
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A-Epistar lamp B-Kinglight lamp C-Nationstar lamp
MOQ : 1 piece                                  Warranty :24 months                         Lead Time :  7 days

PH1.25 Indoor Fixed Front Maintain Led display Led display

PH1.25 Indoor Front Maintain LED Display offers superior definition, contrast, and color reproduction, perfect for vibrant and sharp visuals in command centers, security monitoring areas, commercial centers, and conference rooms. This LED display is also suitable for banks, stages, concerts, hotels, stations, summits, exhibitions, and theaters. It provides an unparalleled viewing experience and is the perfect solution for any setting.

PH1.25 Excellent performance

Excellent performance

Our LED Video Wall has been created to provide a stable and reliable display solution for your business. Using high-quality components and fine processing technology, our LED Video Wall is designed to reduce the risk of dead lamps significantly. Double backup signal is available which ensures you can have long-term and stable operation. With 7-24 hours of uninterrupted working, our LED Video Wall is the perfect solution for your business.

Standard Cabinet Dimensions

PH1.25 Indoor LED Display is characterized by its ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy cabinet. It has been designed with precision and is extremely easy to install with its quick-lock feature. No technical skills are required for installation and uninstallation. The cabinet is strong yet light, making it perfect for indoor LED displays. Its unique design ensures a secure and stable fit for your LED display, giving you the best viewing experience.

PH2.5 Standard Cabinet Dimensions

Best Quality Material, Modules and Chips

We take great care in selecting the materials, modules and chips for our products. We obtain materials from reliable suppliers and purchase chips from well-known brands such as Cree (USA), Nichia (Japan) and Opto (Taiwan). We also source ICs from MBI, TMS, PWM and MingYang, all of which are renowned for their excellent quality. By taking such care in selecting the components for our products, we can ensure that our customers always receive the best quality.

Get Every Detail in Picture

At Pixel Perfect, we strive to create perfect marketing pictures that capture all the details of your product. Our team of experts meticulously studies every detail of your product to ensure that your pictures are of the highest quality. You can trust that no detail will be missed and that you will be able to capture the most stunning images for advertising your company. Let us help you get the most out of your marketing efforts with perfect pictures.

PH1.86 Get Every Detail in Picture
PH2.5 High Refresh Rate

High Refresh Rate

Seamless Splice Screen is the perfect choice for your viewing needs, with its advanced technology and high refresh rate of over 3840Hz. It offers an enhanced viewing experience with stunning visuals and ultra-smooth motion. Enjoy the best visuals, no matter what you are watching, with the Seamless Splice Screen. It is light and easy to install, providing you with an unparalleled experience.

Seamless display and visual effects

Our LED display is designed to offer a perfect visual performance with its advanced assembled structure. Its seamless display and visual effects will provide you with an excellent experience. Moreover, the picture quality remains high due to the best quality display material used. Get ready to enjoy the perfect visual performance you desire from our LED display.

PH2.5 Seamless display and visual effects
PH2.5 Silence Operation - Low Power Consumption

Silence Operation - Low Power Consumption

The PH1.25Indoor Fixed Front Maintain LED Display is the perfect choice for businesses looking to save on electricity costs. Boasting silent operation and low power consumption, it is also renowned for its fast heat dissipation, helping to save even more energy. With its highly advanced technology, businesses can now enjoy greater savings on electricity bills and do their part for the environment.

True color reproduction

Our advanced one by one color correction technology brings out the best in each image! Bright and vivid colors, consistent tones, and delicate textures make your visuals stand out and last longer. Extend the service life of your images and add value to your business with our cutting-edge technology. Get stunning visuals that look great and last!

PH2.5 True color reproduction
PH1.86 Application


The Seamless Splice Screen can be used for many purposes and at many places. It can be used for advertisement, banner display, demonstration, video displays, educational purposes and much more. You may use it at indoor areas like exhibition, school, malls, stages, stadium and at many more indoor places.

OptoKingdom Led module process
PH1.86 OptoKingdom Installation procedure led screen
OptoKingdom Installation procedure of Indoor Rental led display

One Price for All

In single price, you get the complete kit which includes the LED display, cabinet, control system and other packages. It saves you a lot of money. Also, we replace the faulty accessories without any cost if your product is in warranty period.

One Price for All
OptoKingdom, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Our company building

Our company is built on values, and those values reflect from our product quality, support service and customer care. Have a look at our company building. This is the place where we create best quality product that have passed certifications like CE, FCC, RoSH and SGS and many more.

Best Quality Guaranteed

Quality is the word we live by. Our "Quality Management, Continual Improvement, Excellent Service, Quick Response" are strictly followed throughout the process. Our products have passed many certifications including CE, FCC, RoSH and SGS certification and many more. So you may always rest assured about best quality products.

OptoKingdom Product Quality Certifications
OptoKingdom After Sale Service

Best After sale service

If your product is defected and is in warranty period, we offer you free accessories for the product. Whenever you need us, we are always there for you. Our support staff is more than willing to assist you for any query or concern. Feel free to contact us any time.

Fastest Delivery and Best Online Services

OptoKingdom provides best online services to the customers, and we are always ready to assist you when you need us. Also, we take great care of the safety of the products. Our company is located just five-minute drive from airport and port. We work with the leading logistics who ensure fastest and safest delivery of your products.

OptoKingdom Product Delivery and Service


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